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Luxor Hot Air Balloon Tour

Luxor Hot Air Balloon Tour Packages
Country: Egypt
City: Luxor
Duration: 3 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Half Day Tour

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Luxor, Egypt is a Hot Air Ballooning environment, which many describe as "enchanted" and any balloon flight will be a special event. We offer the highest quality at a competitive price to make an Extra Special Event. Passengers must be fit enough to enter and leave the basket by themselves, and must declare any health problem which may be relevant; so that all passengers are prepared should they suffer a crisis. All passengers are individuals and are treated as such.

Age in itself is not a drawback and accompanied children are welcome at the discretion of our pilots. A range of balloons is available, carrying from four to thirty-two passengers. The size of the balloon chosen by the Pilot will be appropriate to the conditions prevailing and the size of the group. Flights are available subject to weather conditions at dawn, or one or two hours later.

Take off is usually from a suitable site on the Luxor West Bank, perhaps near the Ramessium or another place of historic interest again depending on prevailing weather conditions, the major influence on the flight. Flying directly over a particular site can not be guaranteed, but the Pilot will do his best to give an interesting flight, which will certainly be unique to the area.

Flights are under the control of the Local Airport Tower, and radio contact is maintained during the flight. Passengers are collected from their residence Hotel or Cruise in Luxor at a pre-arranged time and taken to the private launch. Throw to the West Bank, by our mini-bus & to the suitable take-off site, for the prevailing weather conditions on the day. The Pilot will give a safety briefing to the passengers and will be glad to answer any questions at this time. On board a choice of hot drinks is offered, very welcome pre-dawn. During the journey to the West, Bank introductions are made and many enduring friendships start. The pilot is a mature, very experienced, and highly qualified professional and it shows.

We will use his skill and judgment within the parameters of the environment and weather conditions, to provide the most interesting flight for you to enjoy. The Pilot will take everything into consideration before making his final decision on whether or not to fly Safety considerations are the overriding factor.

Note:-Cancellations are few. After the flight, if the venue is suitable, the celebration of the landing may lead to dancing or singing by the local people or the crew. Photo-calls of local people or fossil hunting according to the site, while the crew packs the balloon envelope and before souvenir certificates are awarded. There are usually local people to welcome the landing and their greetings are warm and totally heartfelt.

The people in the small villages close to Luxor seldom see tourists other than balloon passengers. Farmers living very simple lives are delighted to meet people from a totally different cultures. In return, our passengers see a style of life that is hidden by commerce and hype to most visitors and they frequently remark on the privilege of the experience.

This short period of relaxation in a convivial group sets the seal of complete enjoyment. Within reason, after the trip passengers are escorted locally where they wish. They may return to their accommodation or go elsewhere, perhaps to the Valley of the Kings or Karnak Temple. Hot Air Balloon tour is available daily. Only morning flights are allowed because later in the day, winds could pose problems for this lighter-than-air craft.

At Sunrise our Steward will meet you at your hotel Cruise lobby or Luxor train station & drive you by privet car to the • motor boat. • to cross by Motorboat & sail to the West bank. • then you will be driven to the lunch area, Refreshments served before the flight including Drinks Coffee, Tea, and Cakes. • Do not forget your camera. • you can enjoy a lifetime experience, you will see all the monuments of Luxor city, Valley of Kings, Valley of queens, • Hatshipsute temple. • you will see the Nile with its two backs & the Egyptian farmers working inland as the pharos did thousands of years ago. • this is a flight of about 45 minutes. • After landing our steward will be waiting for you to escort you back by car to your hotel or cruise in Luxor city. • Note:- • Available fleet (8 balloons) Four big balloons for 20:24 pax each, one balloon for 16 pax, • one balloon for 12 pax, Two balloons for 06 pax. • Minimum flight time of 30 to 45 minutes depending on the weather. • Certificate of flight & All passengers are insured. Note:- If the flight cannot take place due to weather conditions and no suitable alternative can be offered a full refund will be given. Only morning flights are allowed because later in the day, winds could pose problems for this lighter-than-air craft.

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