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Top 15 Places To Visit In Cairo

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is one of the world's great megacities and the capital of Egypt. As beautiful and as rich in historic finery as it is confounding and an assault on your senses to first-time visitors. Egypt's capital has so much to offer travelers.

The main tourist attraction everyone is here to see is the Giza Pyramids on the city's doorstep, but the city itself is crammed with major monuments that span centuries of history. There are so many things to do in Cairo that you'll only be able to cover a sliver on one trip.

Here are the Top 15 Places to Visit in Cairo, which are worth visiting on a Cairo trip:

1. Pyramids Of Giza

Located on the hot and humid Giza Plateau, the Pyramids of Giza is one of the most popular places to visit in Cairo. If you are a history buff, the ancient folklores and the sheer magnificence of these pyramids will mesmerize you. The largest pyramid, the Pyramid of Cheops is a marvel, and you can explore the enthralling narrow passages.

Some of the other notable pyramids include the Pyramid of Mycerinus and the Pyramid of Chephren. Another fascinating attraction that is yet to open to the public is the Grand Egyptian Museum, which will house various artifacts dedicated to preserving the Egyptian civilization.

2. Egyptian Museum

The absolutely staggering collection of antiquities displayed in Cairo's Egyptian Museum makes it one of the world's great museums. You would need a lifetime to properly see everything on show. The museum was founded in 1857 by French Egyptologist August Mariette and moved to its current home – in the distinctive powder-pink man Downtown Cairo – in 1897.

3. Al-Azhar Mosque

Al-Azhar Mosque is the finest building of Cairo's Fatimid era and one of the city's earliest surviving mosques, completed in AD 972. It's also one of the world's oldest universities – Caliph El-Aziz bestowed it with the status of university in AD 988 (the other university vying for "oldest" status is in Fes) and today, Al-Azhar University is still the leading theological center of the Islamic.

4. Tanis

Explore the ruins of ancient Tanis which was once the capital of the Tanite kings residing in the 21st and 22nd dynasties. Located on the northeast side of the North Delta Region, this place is still partly buried under the ridge. The excavated sites are a treasure to be explored by archaeologists. Though the Temple Precinct has just the ruins which are still worthy to be explored, the Royal Necropolis and its empty tombs are sights one must enjoy.

5. Mosque & Madrasa of Sultan Hussain

The enormous Mosque and Madrasa of Sultan Hussain is one of the largest mosques in the world that was established to purvey pleasing sights to the Sultan whenever he looked from his palace. Its vast structure is over 150 meters long and 36 meters high. The tallest minaret is 68 meters high and has the same stones used in the pyramids of Giza.

6. Saqqara & Dahshur

The vast necropolis of Saqqara and the nearby site of Dahshur are home to the "other pyramids," and a day trip out here is just as rewarding as a trip to Giza's pyramids. The sites are roughly 30 kilometers south of Cairo. The Step Pyramid is Saqqara's most popular tourist attraction, but the entire area is littered with gorgeously painted tombs, which are well worth spending a few hours exploring.

7. Mohamed Ali Mosque

Mohammed Ali Mosque is located in Cairo Citadel that was established by Sultan Selah El Dean El Ayoubi. Later in the year, 1805 this citadel became a palace of Mohammad Ali Basha and then the mosque was commissioned here. This magnificent mosque houses three smaller mosques within its premises along with a palace and museum. The Mohammed Ali Mosque is one of the best places to visit in Cairo, Egypt featuring a panoramic vista of the entire Cairo city and the Giza Pyramids.

8. Asfour Crystal Factory

The world-famous Asfour Crystal factory has some really delightful, imaginative pieces for its visitors. Travelers come to witness the intricately made crystals, both big and small. Chandeliers with sparkling and twinkling lights are well appreciated by one and all. The beautiful works in the showroom make it an enchanted space. There is also a museum-like room attached to the factory which displays all the greatest works to the tourists.

9. Old Cairo (Coptic Cairo)

This little church-filled bunch of twisty laneways exists in the walls of Old Babylon where the Roman Emperor Trajan first established a fortress along the river Nile. Parts of the Roman towers are still there presiding over the main road. This little and enclosed region also called Coptic Cairo, is the most ancient part of the city. It is the heart of the Coptic Christian group and despite the fact that it is really old, it still remains a truly fascinating spot to visit.

10. Bab Zuweila

The only surviving southern gate of the city, Bab Zuweila was built in medieval times. It served as an entry to the city of Al-Qahira. The spectacularly standing minarets on the gate beautifully depict the architecture of that era. The gate was also popular for being used as a set to execute criminals and prisoners by the rulers of that time. Tourists often enjoy the mesmerizing views from the top of this beautiful landmark.

11. Rhoda Island

Situated along the amazing Nile in Central Cairo, Rhoda Island is a great mix of Al-Manyal museums and green gardens. Rhoda Island is one of the most ancient landmarks in the whole of Egypt and is a lucrative spot for tourists from over the world.

12. Khan el-Khalili

One of the biggest markets in the world, Khan al-Khalili is very chirpy, exciting, and inspiring. With the constant selling, bargaining, and purchasing, the local market is worth visiting. Travelers spend quite a lot of time here exploring the specialties and buying souvenirs. The astounding aggregation of shops and stores occupying large acres of land have almost everything to offer to their customers.

13. Ibn Tulun Mosque

The second oldest mosque still standing in Cairo, Ibn Tulun Mosque, was built between AD 876 and 879 and modeled on the Kaaba in Mecca (Saudi Arabia). At the time it was built, it was the largest mosque in existence. The Main Court's colonnades have plentiful surviving fragments of intricate frieze work on display and open onto a series of narrow-fronted halls.

14. District of Zamalek

Popular for its exotic restaurants, bars, and hotels, Zamalek is equally well known for its amazing exhibitions. The district is home to the Palace of Arts, which regularly organizes rotating exhibits of some of the finest pieces of ancient artworks of Egyptian artists. Observe the stunning Nile and appreciate the true beauty of the district. Best known for its extravagance, the Zamalek district is well located in the heart of Gezira alongside the gleaming Nile.

15. Tentmakers Market

In an era when industrialization and automation are growing at a rapid pace and penetrating different segments and disciplines of the global market, Egypt is one of the few countries which has stood up to the expectations of people in reviving historical practices and art. To prove this statement, Cairo is one such city that has survived itself as a mantelpiece of ancient Egyptian history, culture, and the art of making tents.

Besides these, there is much more to explore in Cairo of Egypt!!!

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