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Siwa Oasis

Siwa, Egypt

Way out west, Siwa is the tranquil tonic to the hustle of Egypt's cities. This gorgeous little oasis, surrounded by date palm plantations and numerous fresh water springs, is one of the Western Desert's most picturesque spots. The town is centered around the ruins of a vast mud-brick citadel or hamlets that dominates the view. This is a top spot to wind down and go slow for a few days as well as being an excellent base from which to plan adventures into the surrounding desert.

The level of the land in Siwa is 18 meters below sea level and Siwa contains six lakes, 200 water springs, 1200 water wells and 20 thousand acre of cultivated land. The main city in the oasis is the city of Siwa as it hosts more than 8000 people.

The people living in Siwa speak a different language other than the Arabic, or the Egyptian Arabic accent this is because the people in Siwa belong to the Berbers who are the original peoples of North Africa west of the Nile Valley. 

The climate of Siwa is considered to be continental being very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer and moderate in the spring and autumn. The best timing to visit Siwa is in the spring or the autumn when the weather is nice and there are a lot of festivals and celebration in the city. 

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