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Dahab has a long history of luring travellers – and trapping them for days or weeks on end – with its cheap ocean-side camps, golden beaches and rugged mountain backdrop. In recent years Dahab has expanded beyond its humble origins, and now boasts a smooth fusion of hippie mellowness and resort chic. The banana pancakes, moonlight spliffs and hardcore backpackers still remain, though they now coexist with upscale restaurants, boutique hotels and holidaying European families. However, while the vast majority of Sinai is being packaged and sold for mainstream consumption, Dahab is a place where individual travellers are still the rule rather than the exception.Dahab means 'gold' in Arabic. In Sinai it means golden sands, turquoise sea and off-beat cafe life. It is a focus of tourism development, with swaying palms, fine sand and wonderful snorkeling opportunities. Dahab has excellent hotel accommodations, but also affords less expensive housing in the village, or camping. About 5 miles from town is the famous Blue Hole, for diving.
In and around Dahab there are plenty of reefs so wearing shoes or going kitesurfing with a local kitesurfer that knows the spot is recommended.
In the summer month from June/July till August/September you can expect up to 100% wind days over the month. Board short and rush west or a Shorty are way enough, because the temperature of the water is really warm (up to 28 degree) und the wind blows nonstop with 20-25 or more knots.
Dahab remains one of the more authentic tourist towns in Egypt. True, a paved boardwalk now lines the beachfront area of Assalah, and the hard sell for pricey dinners by pushy restaurateurs can test your nerves. However, Dahab remains a tranquil ocean-side refuge from the unrelenting heat of the desert. Be forewarned – after a few days of crystal-clear diving, desert trekking, ocean-side dinners and countless sheesha sessions.

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